Protect – Capabilities and thought leadership to strengthen customers’ security through threat analysis and risk mitigation.

Xcelerate’s Enterprise Security service area provides thought leadership and comprehensive capabilities to enhance the security of personnel, entities, and infrastructure. We support personnel vetting from policy development to implementation of the Trusted Workforce 2.0 (TW 2.0) framework, the largest personnel security transformation initiative in the last 50 years.

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Enterprise Security

Personnel Vetting

Provides strategic, operational, and tactical expertise in managing personnel security eligibility and access.

  • Policy Development
  • Policy Development
  • TW 2.0 Implementation
  • CE / CV Processing
  • Background Investigation / Personnel Security Processing and Adjudication
  • Vetting Research Analysis and Reporting

Insider Threat Management

Evaluates insider risk including the prevention, detection, and mitigation process; provides expert guidance on insider threat tools, rule selection, integration, and policy

  • Capability Assessment
  • Insider Threat Risk Evaluation
  • Biometric Based Access Control
  • Insider Threat Risk Assessment and Organizational Training

Intelligence Analysis

Gathers, analyzes, and reports security threats to answer tactical questions about current operations and predict future occurrences

  • Threat Analysis
  • System Security Policy Evaluation
  • Data Mining and Analysis
  • Daily Presidential Brief Input and Development

Risk Management

Identifies, assesses, and controls threats related to customers’ personnel, missions, and / or finances

  • Multi Tier Insights
  • Security Risk Rating
  • Persistent Monitoring and Threat Notification
  • Analyst Response Report Recommendations

Investigation Services

Deliver high-quality, timely, and thorough investigation services for national security missions. Our investigators serve as the first line of defense to protect national security.

  • Background Investigation Support
  • Case Review Support
  • Trusted Workforce 2.0 Advisory Support

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